Nanosatellite prototype for Earth Observation



In 2017 we started a research project to build a prototype of a CubeSat nanosatellite for Earth observation with a proprietary optical system “made by Scanway”. One of the milestones of this project was the signing of a letter of intent with German Orbital systems, assuming the recognition of the possibility of launching the nanosatellite to the orbit of the Moon.

Project goals

Development of an Earth observation telescope dedicated to a CubeSat type standard

Integration of the telescope with the nanosatellite and functional testing at high TRL

Project results

Ready for integration into 6U CubeSat type nanosatellites, after scaling also into 3U

Earth observation satellite telescope

In-house designed optics

Imaging resolutions <4 m/px from orbit at 500 km altitude

Athermal design and the telescope structure

Available in multi and hyperspectral variants

Possibility of integration with laser telecommunication system

Scalable design

Tested and proven in the company’s laboratory