Small Telescope for Advanced Reconnaissance
Vision Inspection Boom Experiment



This is our first demonstration mission, whose primary goal is to verify the performance of two optical payloads: an EO telescope and a system for auto-inspection of satellites. The mission preparation began in June 2021, and the mission was launched into orbit on board a Falcon 9 rocket, during the Transporter 6 mission on the January 3, 2023. Our optical payload was mounted to the 6U CubeSat satellite designed and developed by our partners, German Orbital Systems.

Project goals

Testing in space conditions (LEO):

Earth Observation Telescope, recording the visible spectrum (VIS) STAR (Small Telescope for Advanced Reconnaissance) Earth

System for self-inspection and self-diagnosis of satellites VIBE (Vision Inspection Boom Experiment)

Project results

Technology demonstrator on LEO

Validation of the technology

Raising the TRL to 9