Small Telescope for Advanced Reconnaissance
Vision Inspection Boom Experiment



This is our first demonstration mission, whose primary goal is to verify the performance of two optical payloads: an EO telescope and a system for auto-inspection of satellites. The mission preparation began in June 2021, and the mission launch is currently scheduled for November 2022 aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Our optical payload will be mounted to the 6U CubeSat satellite designed and developed by our partners, German Orbital Systems.

Project goals

Testing in space conditions (LEO):

Earth Observation Telescope, recording the visible spectrum (VIS) STAR (Small Telescope for Advanced Reconnaissance) Earth

System for self-inspection and self-diagnosis of satellites VIBE (Vision Inspection Boom Experiment)

Project results

Technology demonstrator on LEO

Validation of the technology

Raising the TRL to 9