YPSat / Ariane 6

Scanway Camera System for Ariane 6



The inaugural launch of Europe’s latest heavy-lift launch rocket, Ariane 6. Scheduled for July 9, 2024, from Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana, this mission will reaffirm Europe's autonomous access to space and demonstrate the rocket’s capability to deploy multiple payloads efficiently. The first flight will see Ariane 62 deploy a mix of payloads, including CubeSats and reentry capsules, into orbit approximately 600 km above Earth. YPSat Mission is one of the first "passengers" of the upcoming Ariane 6 launch, which proudly includes a camera system delivered by Scanway. The mission, also known as "the witness", is a unique project developed entirely by ESA’s Young Professionals. This mission aims to document every stage of Ariane 6's flight, from the moment the fairing separates to the deployment of its various payloads and the rocket's reentry into Earth's atmosphere​. The system will capture breathtaking views of Earth and space, providing invaluable data and insights.

Project goals

to document two key stages of Ariane 6's first flight

the separation process of the main fairing of the rocket

the process of deployment of payloads placed on the rocket

Project results

The camera system placed on top of the YPSat platform consists of 2 wide-angle cameras, electronics and mechanics interfaces, able to provide imagery in two modes: video (up to 1080p @ 30 fps; 720p @ 60 fps), photo (12.3 Mpix).

Images and videos from the Scanway Camera System consistent with mission objectives.