New cleanbox

Few days ago, our cleanbox changed its status from “at rest” to “in use”. So what is happening? We already use it very actively, especially since we are currently assembling the telescope for the STAR VIBE mission.

A bit about the cleanbox:

It’s a room for carrying out work on objects that are sensitive to the  pollutants(like dust), especially optics and electronics. Our cleanbox is an ISO class 3 cleanroom!

But what exactly is this cleanroom class? Cleanrooms are classified according to the number and size of particles permitted per volume of air. This classification is widely used in pharma, food and space industries. The class 1 means the highest level of cleanliness, and class 9 the lowest. The ISO class 3 means very high cleanliness level and allows only particles that are smaller than 1 µm (micrometer).